Kingston Greens to raise metal confetti issue after local litter pick

26 October 2020

By Robert Perry

Kingston Green Party will ask a local business to take action after holding a litter pick in Claremont Gardens this month.

Surbiton’s Green councillor Sharron Sumner and party members braved the cold and filled more than 10 rubbish bags with litter including cigarette ends, wrappers and plastics.
Large amounts of non-decomposable silver confetti were also collected and the party will raise this concern to the nearby wedding venue, Glenmore House.

Green Party Members Litter Picking
Caption: Mucking in: Kingston Green Party members collecting litter on 6th October.

Sharron said: “We’re writing to Glenmore House to ask if they can encourage their wedding couples to use a sustainable alternative to the metal confetti that remains in the park for hundreds of years.”

The Green Party’s 2019 manifesto outlined its plan for litter-free roads and highlighted how councils are struggling to tackle the issue due to budget cuts.

Littering is a continued bugbear of residents in the borough and Kingston Green Party proved its commitment to tackling the problem.

Sharron said: “Claremont Gardens is a precious green oasis in central Surbiton and we need to keep it that way. “Thank you to everyone who helped and to all the local people who came up to us for a socially distanced chat!”

Sharron Sumner Litter Picking Surbiton
Caption: Cleaning Claremont: Green councillor Sharron Sumner tidying up Surbiton

If you want to help us act on important local matters like littering, then contact us at for more information about ways you can get involved.