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Vote for Kingston’s first Green councillor on 3 May if you want to see practical policies that put the community first.


For years Green councillors have been active in towns and cities across the country, supporting local businesses, helping to deliver affordable homes, promoting schemes that give priority to local residents, driving change in transport, social care and public health. Their example shows that Green councillors can make a real difference.


And now issues that have always been at the heart of the Green message – the right of everyone to a home, their right to make important decisions about the local environment, the need to protect the natural world and act to halt climate change – are centre-stage in this country's politics.


Here in Kingston-upon-Thames, we need someone to stand up to the Conservative council and its obsession with putting up luxury tower blocks – buildings that do little to ease the housing crisis and that ruin our borough's distinctive look and feel. We need someone who will press for 20mph speed limits in all residential areas and fight to halt Kingston's steady transformation into an air-polluting motorists' paradise. We need someone to reverse the relentless homogenisation of our high streets by offering location subsidies to small traders and business start-ups.


If you agree that these are the issues that matter most, please help by voting Green on 3 May.

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