Kingston Green Party and the Richmond Park By-election

04 November 2016

Kingston Green Party has decided not to stand a candidate following the decision taken by Richmond & Twickenham Green Party not to field a candidate in the Richmond Park by-election

Heathrow Expansion - A climate disaster

25 October 2016

The decision to move forward with a third runway is one which will cause an unprecedented increase in air and noise pollution and will force a continued rise in levels of Co2 in the atmosphere.

Thanks for all your help during the London mayoral and assembly election 2016.

08 May 2016

Thanks for all your help during the London mayoral and assembly election 2016.

Kingston MP James Berry voted against providing shelter in the UK to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees

26 April 2016

James Berry MP has voted against an amendment that would have provided shelter in the UK to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees.

London election - Three ballots, two voting systems. No need for tactical voting.

16 April 2016

On the 5th May London will be electing its Mayor and London Assembly members; for this election you will have three opportunities to vote for the Green Party.

James Berry MP votes for £30 a week cut to disability benefit

13 March 2016

Conservative MPs, including Kingston and Surbiton MP James Berry, have voted to reduce Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) payments to sick and disabled people, by £30 a week.

Backwards to the Future? Why we’re supporting junior doctors today – and so should you!

09 March 2016

Clare Keogh, Kingston Green Party General Election 2015 candidate comments on the three 48 hour strikes that our junior doctors will be undertaking over the next 7 weeks. Hunt’s new contract, the definition of out of hours working, or unsocial hours, will be changed, meaning that work on a Saturday evening will be considered and counted the same as work on a weekday morning.

Kingston Council to spend £4k sending leader to property conference in French Riviera

18 February 2016

£4,000 on an all-expenses paid trip for the council leader, Kevin Davis, to the French Riviera to attend an international property developers conference.

Fire station open with the help of emergency cover

09 February 2016

On Saturday 6th February Surbiton Fire Station was one of 9 London stations that was only able to stay open with the help of emergency cover, risking lives in our community.

Historic Market House set to become a pizza place

06 February 2016

The Market House, built in 1840, in Kingston’s historic market square has been used for everything from a town hall to an art gallery in its 175-year history. It now looks like it is going to become an upmarket pizza restaurant, as part of the “The Stable Bar and Restaurant” chain – displacing the craft stalls and tearoom that currently inhabit the building.

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