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Richmond Councillor Andree Frieze Stands in London Assembly Election

07 March 2020

Andree Frieze will stand for the Green Party in the election for the South West London Assembly seat on Thursday 7th May 2020

Kingston Clean Air Now - Demo outside Kingston Council

27 February 2019

The Kingston CAN group made their presence felt at the doors to Kingston Council chamber last night.

Kingston among 10 worst boroughs in London for Air Pollution

27 February 2019

Simon Bowens, a clean air campaigner at FoE, said: “It’s unforgivable that across the UK there are nearly 2,000 locations over air quality limits, leaving millions of us breathing dangerously polluted air. The government needs to step up and do more to help deal with this air pollution crisis. They can’t just carry on leaving the difficult decisions with local authorities, many of which are severely under-resourced.”

Kingston has a Green Councillor!

22 February 2019

Disappointed by the Lib Dem Council’s failure to get to grips with tackling the toxic pollution affecting the community, and the increasing threat of climate breakdown, Sharron has committed to leading on Green Policies to really make a difference.

Please support our unfairly deported Green Friend

21 February 2019

Nevertheless he is doing great work in Bangladesh while he is there ...


18 December 2018

Caroline Scott of Kingston Independents has set up this petition to seek greater transparency and control over the fate of our borough...

Don't let them start Fracking

16 October 2018

please sign the petition against fracking - the anti-fracking movement is strong - let them know

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