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Go Green Go Clean

20 June 2018

As well as improving cycling routes through Go Cycle, we are also supporting the improvement of air quality in Kingston, by encouraging more residents to consider using electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric vehicles to get around.

Don't let them Drill for Oil in Leith Hill

26 March 2018

Don't let 'Europa Oil and Gas Limited' destroy a wonderful natural resource for their selfish profit

Solar Panel - mass buy scheme in Kingston

17 March 2018

A new scheme run by the London Mayor and Kingston Council and help you move into generating your own p

Save Kingston Environment Centre

14 March 2018

Kingston Environment Centre has been going for many years providing fun and education for local people

Reconnect Children with Nature...

27 February 2018

Meet the people who want bring those experiences to children today...

Please Sign Petition Against Rent Hike for Temporary Council Accomodation - time runs out on 6th Feb!

03 February 2018

On 23 January 2018 the Housing Sub-Committee decided to create a new organisation, which it's calling a Community Benefit Society (CBS) to make it sound like a good thing, which will take over any council housing used, or reserved for use, as temporary accommodation and then massively raise the rents for same.

Post Office Development - How they Voted

29 January 2018

If councillors won't (or can't) vote in a way that supports the wishes of their residents then where is the democracy?

Oppose CNMs Tower Block

14 January 2018

CNM PR using every trick in the book to lobby for their money-making scheme.

January 2018 Meeting

14 December 2017

Let's start this important year with a great meeting. We have leaflets to distribute, candidates to support for the council elections and lots to discuss...

One Green Makes a Difference - 2018 Council Elections

04 December 2017

It is not hopeless - electing even one Green can make an enormous difference, locally and globally... Calling for Volunteers to stand as councillors!

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Kingston Green Party members meet once a month.  Our next meeting is at:

Kingston Quaker Centre Fairfield East,  KT1 2PT 

Tuesday, 17th July at 7.30pm in the Small Committee Room