London mayoral and assembly election results for SWL Green Party

8 May 2016

Kingston Greens G L A 2016 Stall

We would like to thank to all our members

We would like to thank all our members who helped is in any which way they could from giving us generous donations or coming to our extrememly successful comedy night or helping spread the Green message by leafletting door-to-door or speaking to the public near railway station.

The Greens achieved around 8% of the London wide assembly votes hence cornering two assembly seats and nearly missing on the third. We beat UKIP and LIb Dems, both of whom are funded by millionaire donors, while we did with just voluntary donations.


 Sian Berry at Ham Community Center talking against proposed demolition

Sian Berry

Sian came third in the Mayoral election. She received 150,000 first preference and the highest number of second preferences around 460,000 amongst all candidates. She has been elected into the London Assembly as a London-wide list member.

Sian Berry said:

"Today is a victory for the politics of bringing Londoners together not dividing them. I'm proud that Londoners have voted for good, positive ideas in such numbers. In every vote Greens have cemented our position as the number three party in London, coming third in the vote for mayor, on the Londonwide list and in a majority of constituencies. The immediate priority for Greens on the London Assembly now will be to push the new mayor to make the right decisions on road-building and estate demolitions and to clean up our city's filthy air."


Caroline Russell at the No New Runways event at Richmond Bridge

Caroline Russell

Elected into the London Assembly as a London-wide list member.

Caroline said: "Thank you to Greens, friends and volunteers across London who helped build our resolutely positive campaign for London and who got out the Green vote on Thursday.

This is a huge responsibility and I hope you know I'll do my very best for Londoners and for the Green Party."


Andree Frizee at Ham Community Center talking against proposed demolition

Andree Frizee

Local South West London Constituency member came fourth beating UKIP in the process.

Andree said : "Thank you to everyone who helped with canvassing, leafleting, stalls, social media, websites, designing, organising and so on. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, for Sian and for the Green Party. Sian Berry came third and we've kept our two Assembly Members. So well done to Sian and Caroline Russell, our new faces at City Hall."


Kingston Green Party committee meets once a month. Meetings are usually at the The Quaker Centre at 7.30pm. The dates of the next few meetings in 2017 are - Tuesday May 9th, Tuesday June 27th, Tuesday July 25th and Tuesday 5th September (no meeting in August)