Greens announce Parliamentary candidate

16 September 2019

Kingston Green Party is pleased to announce that local mum and Surbiton councillor, Sharron Sumner, has been selected as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Kingston and Surbiton. 

Sharron Sumner said, “I would like to thank Kingston Green Party for selecting me – it is a fantastic opportunity to put the urgent case for change in front of local people.  The planet can’t wait for action on the climate emergency, the UK can’t wait for social justice and the Royal Borough can’t go on waiting for cleaner, greener and more open politics.”

Sharron Sumner, who represents Alexandra Ward, is fighting hard to protect local urban green spaces such as preventing development on the precious Tolworth Court Farm nature reserve and the old filter beds at Seething Wells.

“But it’s not just about local issues, the next election will be about who can stand up for our borough in the face of a right wing, out of touch government intent on a ruinous hard Brexit.  Our area needs a strong and uncompromised voice.  I would have no truck with the Tories – no deals, no pacts or coalitions.  I won’t sell my political integrity for a ministerial limo.

“The Greens are on the rise, beating both Labour and Conservatives in the recent European election.  The mainstream parties can no longer rely on old loyalties. People are fed up with professional politicians spouting the same old platitudes.  The crisis facing our country and the climate is not a game.

“Only the Greens have a clear programme to tackle the crisis before it’s too late.  Our children are demanding real action so they don’t have to be the first generation to be poorer than their parents or have to clean up our environmental mess.  Change can’t wait and I am standing to be the voice for that change.”

The Green Party’s co-Leader and London Assembly Member, Siân Berry added, “Sharron is a fantastic campaigner and would be a superb MP for Kingston and Surbiton.  She is already campaigning hard for the things that matter to local people such as more money for schools and an end to the closure of childrens’ centres.  Only Sharron is making an effective case to tackle polluted air. And Sharron will campaign to protect green open spaces under threat from a weak council and aggressive developers.  With the Greens starting in front of the Tory and Labour parties in Kingston, local people have a real choice for their next MP.  They can vote for change with the Greens or more of the same with the old establishment parties.”