Claiming to be 'here to listen' the CNM Drop In Sessions continue the misinformation and lobbying

14 January 2018


CNMs campaign to be allowed to over-develop this neighbourhood continues with 'drop in' sessions full of misleading images and double-speak.

Residents attending CNMs recent drop in sessions about their proposed 'Canbury Business Park' - better known as 'Canbury Tower Block' were dismayed by the lack of real engagement.

CNM's material is full of typical developer PR tricks that we're not falling for -

Calling the development a 'park' - it is not a park - it is a tower block.

Frequent references of the site as being in the "Town Centre" - it's not - it is a residential neighbourhood, far from the town centre, which is the market square, in any case the town centre of Kingston is a historic market town, not a mass of tower blocks - or it shouldn't be.

Misleading images designed to minimize the impact of the tower -

Shameless attempts to apply guilt to those residents who don't want their neighbourhood blighted by over-development. For example the  CNM 'feed-back' leaflet with the question -

"Do you support our plans to provide more opportunities to live and work in a central Kingston location?"

A better question would have been:

"Do you support our attempt to make a great deal of money by building a huge development in a low-rise,largely residential area?"

If CNM were really interested in having a discussion about what kind of development would be acceptable on this site they would not be hiding the true impact of a 14 story building.

This is how they depict it -

CNM Version of 14 stories

The 14 story tower (or G + 13 as they prefer to call it) barely pokes above the 6 story building in front of it.

But as we all know, to appreciate the impact of a tall building you have to view it from further away - there is NOT A SINGLE image produced by CNM depicting this.

This is the view from Richmond Park showing the view across Kingston - see how prominent the other ill-advised 14 story building is - 


What 14 stories really looks like 14 stories from the park


Also for the benefit of CNM this is what a town-centre looks like - 14 stories from the park

- this is what an established low-rise residential area looks like - 14 stories from the park


- and this is how we want the Canbury skyline to remain! 14 stories from the park


If the area must be redeveloped let's have a low-rise development, with more space for each family, more greenery, more affordable units, not a development intended largely for private buy-to-let, 'luxury' flats with insufficient storage, insufficient parking, insufficent open-space.

Council elections are in May - Canbury residents - pressure your prospective councillors to formally reject this proposal!