Claiming to be 'here to listen' the CNM Drop In Sessions continue the misinformation and lobbying

14 January 2018


CNMs campaign to be allowed to over-develop this neighbourhood continues with 'drop in' sessions full of misleading images and double-speak.

Residents attending CNMs recent drop in sessions about their proposed 'Canbury Business Park' - better known as 'Canbury Tower Block' were dismayed by the lack of real engagement.

CNM's material is full of typical developer PR tricks that we're not falling for -

Calling the development a 'park' - it is not a park - it is a tower block.

Frequent references of the site as being in the "Town Centre" - it's not - it is a residential neighbourhood, far from the town centre, which is the market square, in any case the town centre of Kingston is a historic market town, not a mass of tower blocks - or it shouldn't be.

Misleading images designed to minimize the impact of the tower -

Shameless attempts to apply guilt to those residents who don't want their neighbourhood blighted by over-development. For example the  CNM 'feed-back' leaflet with the question -

"Do you support our plans to provide more opportunities to live and work in a central Kingston location?"

A better question would have been:

"Do you support our attempt to make a great deal of money by building a huge development in a low-rise,largely residential area?"

If CNM were really interested in having a discussion about what kind of development would be acceptable on this site they would not be hiding the true impact of a 14 story building.

This is how they depict it -

CNM Version of 14 stories

The 14 story tower (or G + 13 as they prefer to call it) barely pokes above the 6 story building in front of it.

But as we all know, to appreciate the impact of a tall building you have to view it from further away - there is NOT A SINGLE image produced by CNM depicting this.

This is the view from Richmond Park showing the view across Kingston - see how prominent the other ill-advised 14 story building is - 


What 14 stories really looks like 14 stories from the park


Also for the benefit of CNM this is what a town-centre looks like - 14 stories from the park

- this is what an established low-rise residential area looks like - 14 stories from the park


- and this is how we want the Canbury skyline to remain! 14 stories from the park


If the area must be redeveloped let's have a low-rise development, with more space for each family, more greenery, more affordable units, not a development intended largely for private buy-to-let, 'luxury' flats with insufficient storage, insufficient parking, insufficent open-space.

Council elections are in May - Canbury residents - pressure your prospective councillors to formally reject this proposal!



Kingston Green Party members meet once a month at the Kingston Quaker Centre on the third Wednesday of the month.

Our next formal meeting is on Wednesday June 19th at the Kingston Quaker Centre (Fairfield East, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PT) - at 7.30pm