Why we need to elect Greens in the forthcoming council elections..

4 December 2017

Sometimes when we contemplate the harm to our environment so deeply embedded in our current way of life it can be forgiven for thinking it's too late to change.

However the Green Party does offer that change - both changes of the big ideas that trap us in this destructive lifestyle, and smaller, more immediate practical changes at the local level.

That big changes of paradigm are gaining traction is shown by events promoting new economics, (like that hosted by Kate Raworth of doughnut economics - at LSE 23/11/17), are filling huge auditoriums to capacity.

At the practical level we have Caroline Lucas in the House of Commons and Jenny Jones in the House of Lords.  Just two individuals but how much they accomplish!  As Jenny Jones recently put it 'without a Green in the room you don't even have these conversations..'

In Kingston now we are facing pressure for over-development - under the guise of addressing the housing shortage developers are sneaking in huge tower blocks of unaffordable 'luxury flats' - benefitting no one but themselves.

Imagine if we had a Green on the council - what a difference it would make.

Local people also need to be able to vote Green if they want to.  We know we are not going to win every ward in the council elections. However we do believe that every ward should have at least one Green candidate so that people have the chance to vote Green if they want to. 

So we are asking for volunteers to stand as councillors in the elections.  You have to be a Green Party member to stand, but if you're not a member already, joining is easy.  You can just stand as a 'paper candidate' - no need to campaign.

Please contact us via Facebook if you're willing to stand.


Also come along to our final meeting of 2017 - December 12th at Kingston University - meet in the foyer at Penryn Road at 7pm..