Kingston Green Party stands down in support of Progressive Alliance

4 November 2016

Following the decision taken by Richmond & Twickenham Green Party not to field a candidate in the Richmond Park by-election, Kingston Green Party has decided not to stand a candidate either.

Kingston Green Party continues to support the goal of a Progressive Alliance in 2020 to defeat the Conservatives and bring about a fairer voting system. We trust that the gesture of standing down in order to defeat Zac Goldsmith will build confidence in the possibility of a Progressive Alliance.

We welcome the fact that, in the last 24 hours, local Liberal Democrats have given a commitment to open discussions over possible alliances for local elections in 2018.

Kingston Green Party calls on Richmond Park Labour Party to follow suit in the hopes of defeating Zac Goldsmith and building towards the Progressive Alliance in 2020.

Following the by-election, we will continue campaigning to build a strong Green voice in the borough of Kingston and nationally.


Kingston Green Party committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 8 pm. Meeting venue vary and details are published on the Facebook page as an event, as soon as confirmed. Please come along to find out more!