The government has opened up a new fossil fuel frontier

16 October 2018

Just a week after the UN made it crystal clear what we need to do to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, our Government has opened up a new fossil fuel frontier. 

We have to tell them to stop. Right now.

This proves that the filth of fossil fuels runs right through our political establishment.

Our Government has forced this onto a community which said no, while public support for fracking has been in freefall. 

Now they’re threatening to loosen the planning laws, and relax the restrictions on earthquakes caused by fracking. You read that right. Earthquakes. 

This Government is out of control. But the anti-fracking movement is stronger than ever and we’re not going anywhere. 

The overwhelming resistance to this dirty and dangerous industry means that it’s taken them years to get one measly well on the go. The dream of drilling in our national parks and under our homes is dead. It might not feel like it right now, but we are winning.

Please sign our petition to put pressure on the Government to put an end to this destruction of our environment today.