Tonight we nominated our candidate - and it's Chris Walker

2 May 2017

Chris Walker


Chris Walker has lived with his family in New Malden for 12 years. He works for VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) in Kingston.

He has decided to stand up against the effects of funding cuts in education, health and housing locally as well as Government neglect in the face of air pollution and climate
change. Children and young people stand to suffer most from Brexit and the Green Party believes we need to invest in their future. Following his successful selection at a meeting of local party members, Chris pledged toprove the future for young people in Kingston by campaigning on:

  • Education: investing in a system that works for everyone and making education free. Addressing the mess that has resulted in huge variations in attainment in Kingston, only the wealthiest able to afford to go to University and a funding crisis for local schools.
  • Housing: giving young people an affordable home or a decent rented property through building new social housing, bringing in rent controls and a landlord register.
  • Environment: addressing the damage we are inflicting on our children through air pollution, climate change and the impact of unsustainable development locally.

The Greens offer something different. Old style politics has got us into a real mess and only the Greens offer hope for the future.

The Coalition Government was disastrous and hit the most vulnerable through policies like the Bedroom Tax, Tuition Fees and Legal Aid. Most people have seen their living standards worsen over the past 10 years, while the top 1% have got much wealthier.

The Government is ignoring the environment, slashing spending on renewables, selling off prize assets like the Green Investment Bank and making disastrous deals like Hinckley Point, that will cost ordinary people billions of pounds for years to come.

Chris Walker said:

‘By the end of last year I was feeling pretty disillusioned with mainstream politics. Years of austerity, Brexit and then Trump had made me feel pretty helpless. When I witnessed ocal head teachers attending public meetings warning of a funding crisis for schools, local people getting evicted from social housing and young people not going to university because they can’t afford tuition  fees, I realised I couldn’t sit and watch any longer.' 

Young people in particular need a life raft in this Brexit storm and the Green Party is committed to building them one. Chris is inviting people in Kingston to Stand Up for a better future.


Chris Walker, 48, has lived with his family in New Malden and has been a member of the Green Party for 10 years. He worked for Surrey County Council in Kingston for four years before volunteering with his wife for VSO in Eastern Europe. Returning to the UK in 1999, he worked for 15 years for an employee-owned research consultancy, where he was a director when he left to re-join VSO in Kingston two years ago. Both his sons attend local state shools and he is a keen cyclist.


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