Amendment to provide shelter in the UK to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees, defeated

26 April 2016

James Berry MP has voted against an amendment that would have provided shelter in the UK to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees.

The amendment, tabled by Labour peer Lord Dubs, was defeated by 294 to 276 – a majority of 18. This amendment also had the backing of Save the Children, a group for which James Berry MP himself is a Parliamentary Champion.

Europol estimated in January that 10,000 child refugees have gone missing in Europe, with many feared to have been taken in by organised crime gangs.

James Berry has previously spoken about the immigration system and how it must “be sufficiently flexible to take account of developing refugee crises.” (1) And yet, in voting this way, he has denied basic safety and protection to vulnerable children who are in danger of being abused, trafficked and exploited.

A post on Mr Berry’s website, regarding his position as a Save the Children Parliamentary Champion, quotes Mr Berry as saying:

“I look forward to continuing to champion the issues facing children both in the UK and overseas. I will play my part in making sure that every child has a fair start in life” (2)


Mr Berry’s voting record and his words do not match up. He has sentenced these children to the continued horror of abandoned refugee camps and their actions leave unaccompanied children across Europe to struggle. The Conservatives have ensured these children will not have access to education, legal support, health care, shelter and even a reliable supply of food and water.

This is not how we give every child a fair start in life; this leaves some of the world’s most vulnerable and desperate children to suffer. Shamefully, they will suffer unnecessarily.

With James Berry voting against this amendment, he has proven once again that he is not fit to represent our constituencies or the most vulnerable in our society.

Here is a link to see who were the MPs who voted for and against this amendment.

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