Clare Keogh will be at the Kingston for Europe meeting on Thursday 22nd Sept

With 62% of Kingston voters opting to Remain in the European Union on 23rd June, the newly formed Kingston for Europe group is fuelled with the passion for maintaining strong European ties that there is in the Royal Borough.

Kingston for Europe is proud to announce a major speaker event in which we ask the question ‘How Can Pro-Europeans Rebuild Divided Britain without Compromise to its Position in the European Union?’

Image of all speakers at the Kingston for Europe

Meeting at the Quaker Centre in Kingston, on 22nd September at 7.30pm, we are very lucky to have three well-known local figures and one national activist give their personal perspective on this question. The Kingston-based speakers are Sir Edward Davey, former Kingston and Surbiton MP and former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Professor Julius Weinberg, Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University, and Clare Keogh, Green Party 2015 parliamentary candidate for Kingston and Surbiton. They are joined by Hugo Dixon, the media entrepreneur and founder of the new outreach initiative, Common Ground.

David Randall, a spokesperson for Kingston for Europe, says “Pro-Europeans in Britain have not had their beliefs shaken by the Eurosceptics. If anything those values were reaffirmed by the raw emotion of the recent referendum campaign. Kingston for Europe is here to ensure that ‘the 62%’ have a local platform upon which to influence our country’s future relationship with Europe.”

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Kingston for Europe is politically non-aligned but members believe that remaining in the EU family is the best way to manage our common European home, to develop a stronger economy and to secure a fairer society. Mindful that local people also voted to leave, Kingston for Europe hopes its activities will build on common ground, restore a sense of purpose and in time change minds.

* Source: Kingston for Europe Newletter