Forthcoming Elections

For the council elections on May 3rd we hope to stand candidates in most wards in Kingston.


The two wards we are concentrating on are Canbury and Chessington North and Hook.


 Canbury Candidates Crossing

Our Canbury Candidates - Mark Greaves, Karen Lacey and Joe Holder

 Chessington Candidates Crossing

Our Chessington North and Hook Candidates - Simon Jakeman, Des Kay and Kate Worley -


In Canbury our lead candidate is Joe Holder 

 Joe Holder - candidate in Canbury ward 

Joe writes - "I'm very happy to be a resident in Canbury ward a great place to live. I'd like to do what I can to maintain and improve it. I have a long standing association with Kingston.  My earliest visits were in the 70s to the comic stall in Kingston Station that evenually moved to become Books, Bits and Bobs, now sadly closed. The collection of Marvel comics I started then is still somewhere in my attic. At the time I was living in East Sheen but the other reason I'd travel to Kingston was to attend the Kingston Green Fair a real annual tradition at the time.

I went to Greycourt school in the Ham.

  In the 80s we moved to Kingston - in Norbiton ward - and I attended Richmond College, Leicester University and then Kingston University. I was a big customer of Beggars Banquet during this period. I also remember seeing some dodgy b movies at Studio 7 cinema and trying to dance at Cinderella Rockafellas.   

Kingston has always had an eccentric, interesting side to it, as well as being a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  A Green councillor would certainly strive to keep it's character and not let it become overwhelmed by generic developments.

Some people say to me that they would like to vote Green but they are afraid that if they do they will let the Conservatives in again and so they are going to vote Lib-Dem.  To them I would say that I think it is possible that the Conservative vote will plummet this election. This is a Remain constituency and people will want to sent the Tories a message over their disarray in Brexit.  Additionally the closeness of Kingston Councillors to developers is something that has really upset voters.  Therefore it is most likely the Lib Dems will win the council this time.  Having one or two Greens alongside them will only be to the good for the borough.  To Green voters thinking of voting Labour I would urge you to look at the tree felling in Sheffield and ask yourselves if you could imagine a Green Council doing something so horrible."


In Chessington North and Hook our lead candidate is Simon Jakeman 

Simon Jakeman candidate for Chessington North and Hook

Simon is a born and raised Kingstonian, he has lived in the South of the Borough all of his life, attended local Schools, was a keen scout and represented Surrey in Athletics. In his college days worked in various businesses within the borough including Chessington World of Adventures and Tolworth Recreation Centre.
He has a proud history of playing his part in the community. He has served over 20 years as a frontline Firefighter and was named on the
New Year’s honours list for Services to the Environment (Sustainability and Energy Saving). For many years Simon has campaigned and helped to enhance many of the borough’s green spaces.
Over the past 3 years he has served as a volunteer community adviser on the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee

Simon hard at work again 


The Kingston Green Party Election Gnomes are ready for action again!