Local Campaigns

Srap the Bedroom Tax!

We've been calling for a no evictions policy for those who can't pay their Bedroom Tax in the Borough. With up to 64% of those who are being charged part of vulnerable groups we felt we couldn't sit by and watch people being evicted from their homes and support networks just because they have a spare room. We'll be relaunching this campaign in the coming months now that the council has changed hands to the Conservatives. 


Save Our Hospitals!

We were involved in fighting the Better Services Better Value review which proposes that South West London loses two Accident and Emergencies, two maternity and two children's wards at two out of the five hospital sites. 

The review would have lead to poorer quality of care, longer waiting times and dangerous mistakes from overstretched staff. The fight has now moved onto making sure it's vision isn't continued by the individual Clinical Commission Groups (CCG's)

If you'd like to get involved you can contact Ryan Coley who is leading on this for us at ryan.coley@live.co.uk.

For more information please go to kingstonkonp.wordpress.com


The South London Waste Plan

Kingston Green Party is campaigning against the flawed and misleading South London Waste Plan. Local Lib Dems and Tories have panicked in the face of Landfill Tax and rushed to identify which sites will host risky PFI 'waste management facilities'.

The process if flawed as they have not properly considered waste reduction options, as promoted by the Green Party's 'zero waste' policies. These have signifcant job creation potential and shift responsibilites up the waste chain back to producers.

Also flawed is the separation of  the sites from consideration of waste management technologies. The considerations for a local recycling centre are very different from an incinerator, for example.

That brings us to the misleading bit. The Plan goes to great lengths to avoind using the term 'incinerator', using euphemisms like 'advanced thermal treatment', but the projected levels of waste, woeful recyling rates and lack of zero waste policies in Kingston mean that incineration is the only option. This is re-inforced by the Council's parallel procurement process for a PFI waste contractor, which specifies incineration in the tender notice before the consultation is over!

There are also issues of social justice to consider as proposed sites are amongst our poorest communities and no consideration of compensation appears to have been given.

So, please join our campaign and call a halt to this flawed and misleading process, with so much at stake we need an open and honest debate before decsions are made. 

Sign the petition here