What We Stand For

Development for the People

Where we do need to build new houses and flats we need to do so in a way that really addresses the housing needs of the borough. This does not mean building big tower blocks of expensive small flats advertised overseas as investments.

It does mean building affordable social housing for families built to the highest environmental standards.

Calm the Traffic

Air polution, children in danger - In some parts of the borough the through traffic is given precedence over the safety of the residents.  We need to make it clear that the right of residents to live safe, healthy lives trumps the rights of others to drive through our borough at high speed.

The car is too dominant in our lives. We need to transition away from the car to walking, cycling and public transport, preferably non-petrol/diesel public transport.  We will always support moves in this direction.

Reconnecting Children and Nature

Children should not be trapped in their houses, dependent on parents to transport them to safe spaces to play. We need to re-establish children's right to be free in the world around them. 

Encourage Innovation

High rents and business rates result in generic highstreets, full of charity shops or chains.  We would provide spaces for innnovative businesses and retailers to occupy for low rents.  These sites would be become magnets bringing customers from far and wide looking to purchase something unique.